Dance Around This One
1982 - Boot, 5BOS-7232

01 The Curragh Of Kildare
02 The Galway Shawl
03 Fish and Chips
04 Newport Town
05 Dublin In The Rare Old Times
06 Bridgid Flynn
07 The Ship Is Ready To Sail Away
08 Tipperary's My Dream
09 Ban Chunic Eireann O
10 As I Roved Out
11 The Cross On Spancil Hill
12 The Parting Glass

The Galway Shawl

The Parting Glass

Dance Around This One
1981 - Boot, 8BOS-7217

01 Fella From Fortune
02 Sweet Forget Me Not
03 Sonny's Dream
04 Biddy Mulligan
05 Polkas
06 Willie McBride
07 Dark Island
08 West Country Lady
09 The Island Song
10 Reels
11 The West's Awake
12 Candlelight And Wine

Dark Island

Candlelight and Wine

Sea People
1979 - Boot, 8BOS-7197

01 Reels (Sheehan's and The Sligo Maid)
02 Now I'm Sixty Four
03 Brand New Song
04 Cape Breton Dream
05 Johnny I hardly knew Ye
06 Star Of Logy Bay
07 I Followed Her Into The West
08 Molly Bawn
09 Selection Of Reels
10 The Boston Burglar
11 Drunken Sailor
12 Sea People
13 Glimpse of Heaven

The Boston Burglar

Sea People

A Time With Ryan's Fancy
1979 - Boot, 8BOS-7197

01 Life Of The Country Boy
02 Mist Covered Mountains Of Home
03 The Bluenose
04 Jigs (O'Connell's Welcome To Dublin,
05 The Portroe And The Moocoin)
06 Cliffs Of Baccalieu
07 Mist Upon a Morning
08 Coal Town Road
09 Tie Me Down
10 Hornpipes (The Wicklow and Off To California
11 Jackie Tar
12 Danny Boy
13 Kerry Slides

Cliffs Of Baccalieu

Mist Upon a Morning

"Brand New Songs"
1977 - RCA, KXLI-0202

01 Reels (Sheehan's And The Sligo Maid)
02 Now I'm Sixty Four
03 Brand New Song
04 Cape Breton Dream
05 Johnny I Hardly Knew Ye
06 I Followed Her Into The West
07 Molly Bawn
08 The Boston Burglar
09 The Drunken Sailor
10 Sea People
11 Glimpse Of Heaven

Now I'm Sixty Four

I Followed Her Into The West

Ryan's Fancy Live
1975 - Audat, 477-9085

01 Selection Of Jigs
02 Yarmouth Town
03 Will You Go Lassie Go
04 Haul er' Away
05 Towersy Fair
06 Chastity Belt
07 The Cully Set Tune
08 The Lark In The Morning
09 Harbour LeCou
10 Newfoundland Set Tunes
11 Far Away In Austrailia
12 Let Me Fish Off Cape St. Mary's
13 So Long (It's Been Good to Know Ya)

Yarmouth Town

Harbour LeCou


Traditional music and song has survived because of the many collectors who have provided us with these often ancienttunes. We would like to take the opportunity to thank Ciaran MacMathuna, in Ireland, for his efforts and dedications in this field.
- Ryan's Fancy

O.K. It's party time with these three expatriates from Ireland, Ryan, O'Reilly, and O'Byrne. Their kind of music has been adopted by folks through-out Eastern Canada. It's all here, the good fun, the good sounds, and the spontaneity. A program of happy songs with just a pinch of down-east, salt, tang...and you're all invited. weather you hail from Penticton or Placentia or some point in between, you'll become an instant Maritimer picking up on "Ryan's Fancy Live". They are joined on this session by Allister MacGillivary on guitar and Grant Kennedy on bass. So pour yourself a drop of "the good stuff," get a stylus into these grooves and enjoy "Ryan's Fancy Live."

Johnny Murphy

Times to Remember
1973 - Audat, 477-9047

01 I'se Da bye
02 The Rocks Of Bawn
03 Gallant Forty Twa
04 A Sailor Courted
05 The Swallow's Tale
06 Leaving London
07 Farewell To Carlingford
08 Newport Town
09 Bold O'Donoghue
10 Peter Ambelay
11 Rocks Of Merasheen
12 Farewell to Nova Scotia
13 Last Night I had The Strangest Dream

Gallant Forty Twa

Peter Ambelay


On The flight from Dublin to London I was seated next to a clean shaven, well groomed, handsome young business executive. He proved quite friendly and introduced himself as Denis Ryan from Newport, County Tipperary. Little did I know that underneath that well-cut suit and button down collar, there lurked a potential Irish musical nut, until he leaned over with a mad twinkle in his eye and a broad grin, " Where's the session tonight and if there is none, could we organize one?" It transpired that he had taken to the music much as some people take to the drink and one's as bad as the other. He was very fond of the tin whistle and the fiddle, and as a matter of fact had a couple of tin whistle tucked away among the business papers in his attaché case. Anyway, a session was organized later that day in a pub in London called called "The Bunch of Grapes" and very enjoyable it proved to be.

One night a few years later, I rambled into an establishment in Toronto where there was a group on stage called Sullivan's Gypsies. After their first I was introduced to the lads including Dermot O'Reilly, Fergus O'Byrne, and Denis Ryan. I didn't recognize Denis as the same fellow with whom I'd shared such an enjoyable evening in London long ago because he had now sprouted a very fine beard and the immaculate three-piece suit had given way to a fine pair of slacks, a colorful open necked sports shirt and a leather waist coat. Denis reminded me then of where and when we had met before.

Some time after that night, Dermot O'Reilly and Fergus O'Byrne, two talented young men from Dublin's fair city, took off with Denis to Newfoundland to attend University there. The Trio kept performing togeather and named themselves Ryan's Fancy, taking the name from a fiddle tune they play. They erupted upon the Canadian folk scene with such dynamism and talent that it didn't take them long to establish themselves as the tremendously popular performers that they are today.

Fergus O'Byrne plays a very fine banjo with the group, and when called upon to do so, can handle a guitar just as well. His driving style on banjo is echoed by his vibrant voice which has all the strength and quality of high tensile steel. He's a quiet young fellow who takes life as it comes and enjoys everything it has to offer.

Dermot O'Reilly, who is a very fine guitarist, plays as equally fine mandolin with a great flair for harmony. His voice has been described on various occasions as, warm, velvety, sensitive, etc., but I sort of think as being intense and very personal with all the flavor of a hazel nut soaked in whiskey.

Denis Ryan, lighthearted and affable, plays tin whistle, fiddle and mandolin with the group and sings in a very pure, sweet tenor voice. He espeacially loves to sing slow ballads, and like Dermot and Fergus, would go any where for a musical session.

Collectively, Ryan's Fancy ramble through life spreading happiness and good times wherever they go. They sing their songs with a right good will and enjoy singing them. Their audiences enjoy hearing them and always come away from a performance feeling better for having been there. Catch them "live" if you can at all, or lend an ear to this record and I know that Ryan's Fancy will tickle your fancy, just as they have mine.

Tommy Makem.

Newfoundland Drinking Songs
1973 - Audat, 477-9015

01 Intro
02 The Night That Paddy Murphy Died
03 Nancy Whiskey
04 Miss McLeod's Reel
05 The Northern Lights Of Old Aberdeen
06 The Rocky Road To Dublin
07 I'm A Rover
08 Ryans And Pittmans
09 Finnegan's Wake
10 Twenty One Years
11 Road To the Isles And The Beggarman
12 Butcher Boy
13 Fare Thee Well Enniskillen

Nancy Whiskey

Twenty One Years

Looking Back
1972 - Audat, 477-9015

01 Carrick Fergus
02 Looking Back
03 Galway City
04 The Star Of Logy Bay
05 The Chieftain's Welcome
06 Streets Of London
07 Home Boys Home
08 Connemara By The Lake
09 Delaney's Donkey
10 Love Song
11 Banks Of Sicily
12 Cape Breton Lullaby

Galway City

The Star of Logy Bay

Dark Island
1971 - Audat, 477-9001

01 Dark Island
02 Manchester Rambler
03 The Greenland Whale Fisheries
04 Everytime
05 The Peat Bog Soldiers
06 A Children's Winter
07 The Rose Of Mooncoin
08 The Wreck of The Anna Maria
09 By The Bright Silvery Light
10 Of The Moon
11 The Tiree Love Song
12 The Beginning

The Greenland Whale Fisheries

By The Bright Silvery Light

An Irish Night At The Black Knight Lounge
1971 - Marathon MS - 2105

01 Intro
02 I'se Da Bye
03 South Australia
04 Cock O' The North
05 The West's Awake
06 Seven Old Ladies
07 The Swallow's Tale
08 Good Bye Mick
09 A Lesson Too Late For The learning
10 Come By the Hills
11 Old Johnny Bucher
12 The Northern Lights of Old Aberdeen
13 Mursheen Durkin
14 This Land is Your land
15 Farewell To Nova Scotia

Seven Old Ladies

Old Johnny Bucher

Curragh's Minstrels, Rocks And Whiskey
1971 - Gunn GBY LP 100

01 Whiskey in The Jar
02 Twenty One Years
03 Ryan's Fancy
04 I Followed Her Into The West
05 Peggy Gordon
06 The Rocky Road To Dublin
07 Rocks Of Bawn
08 German Clockwinder
09 The Flower of Sweet Strabane
10 The Minstrel Boy
11 The Curragh Of Kildare
12 Roison Dubh

Ryan's Fancy

Peggy Gordon



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